Step 7. Work with the Scheduler

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Machine Edition documentation has detailed information about the Change Management Scheduler.


Menu options are:

File Menu

Log On

Log on to the Change Management server.

Log Off

Log off of the Change Management server.

Select Server

Select a Change Management server.

Note: If the local server is connected to a PCM server, the connected server will be disconnected and the Scheduler will stop.


Close the Change Management Scheduler dialog box; the Scheduler will continue to run.

Shutdown Scheduler

Stop and shutdown the Scheduler.


Scheduler Menu

Select an event.


Start the Scheduler for the selected event.


Stop the Scheduler for the selected event.


Refresh the

Run Selected Event

Run the selected event.

Note: This can trigger the manually configured event.

Show Statistics

Consult Machine Edition documentation

Clear Feedback Zone

Consult Machine Edition documentation


More information

    Proficy Change Management client.