Step 2.5.4. Add a Source Folder for the Server/Viewer Synchronization

  1. Expand Deployment Configuration>Viewers><Viewer Name> in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor left pane.


Viewer Name is the viewer you are targeting for synchronization.

  1. Select Folders.

Note: The Folders item has no parameters.

  1. Do one of the following.

Right-click Folders; select Add on the Popup menu.

Select Edit>Add on the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor menu bar.

An Add configuration Object dialog box opens.

  1. Specify the following.


The UNC path on the configuration server of the folder that will contain source files.




\\DepServ is the configuration server.

\CimView is the shared folder.




Select a folder.

  1. Click OK.

Result: CIMPLICITY deployment adds the folder to the viewer's list of folders in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor left pane.

More information

Step 2.5. Identify a selected Viewer's parameters and folders.