3.1. CimEdit Screen Quick Zoom Tools

Quick zoom tools are the:

Zoom button

Mouse-click zoom

Zoom Button

The Zoom button in the Home>Zoom group provides three zoom percents.

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the Zoom button.

  1. Select any of the three common zooms.

Zoom 50

Zoom 100

Zoom 200

Result: The screen zooms to your selection.

Note: When you re-open the CimEdit screen after you have used one of these buttons to zoom it, the CimEdit screen will re-open at the zoomed size.

Mouse-click Zoom

  1. Click Zoom Tool in the Drawing>Edit group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

The cursor changes to a magnifying glass.

  1. Choose any of the following to zoom the image in or out.

Click mouse-buttons, as follows.




Enlarges the image by 5% increments.


Decreases the image by 5% increments.

Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Select an area to zoom.

  1. Hold down the left-mouse button to drag the cursor around an area

A box surrounds the selected area.

  1. Release the mouse button.

The screen zooms to maximize the selected area display size.

Use keyboard keys, as follows.

Note: Keyboard zooms include both location and percent.




Zooms to the next zoom in the zoom stack.

Ctrl+K functionality is only available if you have already used Ctrl+J.


Zooms to the previous zoom.

More information

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