Step 4. Ungroup a Group

You can break a group apart at any time. However, if you have included configuration that applies to the group, that configuration may be lost.

Do any of the following to "ungroup" the group.

Click the Ungroup button in the Arrange>Group group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

Right-click the group; select Ungroup on the Popup menu.

Result:  One of the following happens.

Objects in the group immediately become stand-alone objects.

Note: This occurs if the group is a simple group with no configuration that might effect the group's functionality.

A message box opens to warn you, if you have configured attributes, such as events, for the group object, that the configuration may be lost.

Click one of the following.


The group is ungrouped.

Note: Nested frames and groups continue to be frames and groups; they simply are no longer nested in the group that is being broken apart.


The group remains a group.

When a group is ungrouped, instead of group handles, you will see the individual object handles on the screen.

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