Text Object: On Screen Formatting

Text can be quickly edited and  formatted without opening its Properties dialog box.

Place text on the CimEdit screen.

Quickly edit the text.

  1. Place text on the CimEdit screen.

  1. Click Text in the Drawing>Text group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

  1. Click the CimEdit screen to place the text object.

Result: The word Text displays on the CimEdit screen in Edit mode.

  1. Quickly edit the text.

You can quickly change the text and text format, as follows.


Text content.


Font group options.



Text Content

The text display can be edited on screen.

  1. Type the text you want to display.

  2. (To go to a new line) Press Enter.

  3. (If your typing needs to be changed) do any of the following.

Press the Backspace key to delete text; resume typing.

Highlight a portion of the text; resume typing.


Font Group Options

Select any of the options in the Format>Font group.

Font selections include the following.




Size (in points)

Note: As the cursor moves over the sizes in the dropdown Size list, the text on the screen changes to the corresponding size.




Size increase/decrease.

Note: When you click the Decrease Font Size button

The text decreases in size.

CimEdit displays an indication of the previous size.

Clicking the Increase Font Size button returns the text to a previous larger size.

Click the text object when you have completed the quick format.

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