Step 2. Choose to Link or Embed the Graphic File

The graphic file can be inserted as a link or embedded in the CimEdit screen.

Whether or not you check Insert as link depends on your system requirements.

When Insert as link is:


(Default) The graphic file is embedded in the CimEdit screen.



Once the graphic file is embedded you do not have to think about its location.



If several screens embed the same graphic image, each time the image is edited or a new image is required, the updated or new graphic will have to be embedded in each screen.

The embedded graphic file size is added to the CimEdit screen size.


The file is linked to the CimEdit screen.



If the CimEdit screen



Has been saved

(Has a name), the path is relative in most cases.



Has not been saved

An absolute path will be retained.



Because several screens can link to the same screen, if the graphic image is edited or replaced using the same filename, the image is automatically updated on every screen.

The graphic file size does not increase the size of the CimEdit screen.



The picture will display only when the graphic file exists in the specified location.

If the file's name or location changes and the link is not updated, CimEdit will log an error into the Status Log as follows.

 “Could not find  file at C:\MyImages\Picture.jpg.”  

Important: The graphic file will be locked (users will not be able to edit it when it is in use by CimEdit/CimView. However users will be allowed to open it as a read-only file.

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