Step 3. Lock Aspect Ratio

You can lock a graphic's aspect ratio to make the graphic retain its shape within the boundaries of the inserted image. when the graphic size is changed.

Lock Aspect Ratio is particularly useful when an image is linked to keep the aspect ratio if the image changes or in a script setting.

Do one of the following


The image's aspect ratio


Will be locked.


May change if the image size changes.


  1. A linked transport.png file is inserted on a the CimEdit screen.

  2. The transport.png graphic image changes at the linked location.

Results: The revised image:

Is sized within the dimensions of the original image.

Has a height to width ration base on whether or not the aspect ratio was locked.

Image Inserted

Image Changed



Aspect Ratio Locked

Aspect Ratio Not Locked

The height of a revised image is greater than the original image.

The height of the revised image is less than the original image.

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