4.2. Replace a Point through Point View

(CimEdit only)

  1. Select a point in the Point View window.

  2. Do the following.


Right-click the point in the Point View window.


Select Replace on the Popup menu.

  1. Enter the new name.

  1. Press Enter on the keyboard.

A messages displays asking you to confirm the replacement.


  1. Click OK to confirm.

Note: Clicking Cancel cancels the replacement.

Result: The following happens when you click OK.

If the new point


CimEdit proceeds with the replacement. The replacement point location in the Point View ascending list is based on its name relative to other points in the list.

Does not exist

A message displays warning that the point does not exist.

 Important: If you change the name of a Point ID to an array point element:

An array point element cannot be used in alarm state color animation.

You may get invalid expressions if the point you are replacing

Already has an element specified

Is used in alarm state functions

A Point Replace Warning dialog box reviews the array point restrictions and asks you if you want to replace the Point ID anyway.

Click to Replace the Point ID or Cancel your request.

More information

4. Make changes through Point View.