1.2. List Actions for the Procedure

Configure the procedure (overview)

  1. Name the new procedure in the Procedure name field.

  2. Configure as many actions as are needed to perform the procedure.

Important: Make sure the actions are listed in the order that they should be executed.

  1. Make sure the last action on the list is a terminal action.

The following actions are terminal actions:

Close Screen

Home Screen

Overlay Screen

Previous Screen

  1. Click OK.

Result: The Procedures tab displays the new procedure on the list.

The Events tab of the Procedure Information dialog box opens with the procedure included in the list that will be triggered by the event.

When you create an event, you can select existing procedures to be triggered by that event. You can also create new procedures. The new procedures will be associated with the event. They will also be available for other events that you configure for the object or group of objects.

More information

1. Create a new procedure.