2.1. Create a Global Script

  1. Click New Global Script in the Tools>Scripts group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

A blank Edit Script window opens.

  1. Write and compile the script.

  1. Click File>Close on the Edit Script window menu bar.

A Save global script. dialog box opens.

  1. The selections are as follows.





File name

Name for the saved file.


File of type





If the script uses CimEdit/CimView basic extensions, it can only be used in CimEdit/CimView.

.cms should be used in order to identify the script as a CimEdit/CimView global script.




Can be used as a global script in CimView/CimEdit.

.bcl should only be used if the script will not include CimEdit/CimView basic extensions. CimEdit can be used to edit the *.bcl file.

Note: CimView saves script files as UNICODE. The Program Editor cannot read UNICODE files. However you can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to convert your *.bcl file to regular ASCII if you need to read it in the Program Editor.  





  1. Click Save.

Result: The script is saved as a global script.

More information

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