2.4. Create CimEdit Runtime-only Global Scripts

You can protect your CimEdit scripts (intellectual property) by creating runtime-only scripts (.cmsrt).

Important: Runtime-only scripts cannot be opened. Therefore, save a read-write version of the script (.cms) when you create a runtime-only script so you can review and revise it, if necessary.

  1. Click Runtime Global Script  in the Tools>Scripts group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

The Select source file for runtime only script. dialog box opens.

The selections are as follows.





File name

A runtime-only file will be created from the selected file.


Files of type

Filters files that display.

Options are:



Files can be converted to runtime-only files. Both file types convert to .cmsrt. when you save them as runtime-only files in CimEdit.

Important: Runtime-only scripts that are created in the Program Editor (.bclrt) cannot be used in CimEdit.

  1. Click Save.

Result: The selected file is saved as a global runtime-only .cmsrt file.

More information

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