CimAutoUpdateScreen (function)


Replaced by a GefScreen.Refresh


Boolean = CimAutoUpdateScreen (AutoUpdate)


Turns AutoUpdate on when set to TRUE and off when set to FALSE.

Returns a Boolean representing the previous state of the Auto Update flag.


The AutoUpdate parameter is a Boolean specifying the new state of the Auto Update flag.

AutoUpdate is set to TRUE by default when a script starts running. While Auto Update is True, if the value of a CimObjectVariable changes, the screen is synchronously updated, and any CimObjects that are animated by the variable are changed before the value set returns.

If AutoUpdate is set to FALSE, the screen is not updated as CimObjectVariables change, but if the screen is updated for another reason, the correct value will be shown. This is useful for setting many variables that you want to appear to change at the same time.

When AutoUpdate is set back to TRUE, the screen is immediately updated.



Dim xposVar As CimObjectVariable

Dim yposVar As CimObjectVariable

Dim Obj As CimObject

Dim PrevState As Boolean

Set Obj = CimGetScriptOwner()

Set xposVar = Obj.GetVariable("xpos")

Set yposVar = Obj.GetVariable("ypos")

PrevState = CimAutoUpdateScreen(False)

xposVar = 10

yposVar = 20

PrevState = CimAutoUpdateScreen(PrevState)

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