CimEvent.GetOleParmName (function)


Replaced by a GefEventContext




Returns a String representing the name of a parameter from an ActiveX control event. This is only valid if the event type is CIM_ET_OLE_EVENT.


The parmIndex% parameter is an Integer specifying the index of the parameter as it was passed from the ActiveX control event. For example, if the control fires the event MouseDown(xPos As Integer, yPos As Integer) then xPos can be retrieved using a parmIndex% with the value 0, and yPos with the value 1.


Dim Ev As CimEvent

Dim Var As Variant

Set Ev = CimGetEvent()

If Ev.Type = CIM_ET_OLE_EVENT Then

  Count% = Ev.OleParmsCount

  i% = 0

  xPosIndex% = -1

  While i% < Count% And xPosIndex = -1

    If Ev.GetOleParmName(i%) = "xPos" Then

      XposIndex% = Index%

    End If.

    i% = i% + 1


End If

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