Metafile Objects to CimEdit Objects

Insert a Metafile object into a CimEdit screen.

Convert the Metafile object.

  1. Insert a Metafile Object into a CimEdit Screen

  1. Display the picture in the view you want in the other graphics program.

  2. Select the portion of the picture you want to bring into CimEdit

  3. Copy the selected portion to the clipboard.

  4. Click Edit on the CimEdit menu bar.

  5. Select Paste Special.

  6. Select the Picture (Metafile) format from the Paste Special dialog box. This pastes the object into CimEdit as a (bitmap) picture.

  1. Convert the Metafile Object

  1. Select the Picture object.

  2. Click Edit on the menu bar.

  3. Select Convert Picture Object.

Result: The picture is converted into a group of CIMPLICITY objects.

 Note: Not all of the drawing commands that are in a Picture can be accurately represented using CimEdit objects. If this is the case, your converted object will look different from your original Picture. If the results of the conversion are not acceptable, you can use the Undo command to restore the original picture object. When the original picture object is restored:

  1. Click Format on the menu bar.

  2. Select Ungroup.

You can now select and manipulate the individual objects in the picture.

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