Point Attributes in CimEdit

The Point Attributes feature lets a user monitor attributes of configured points through CimView. Configuring point attributes is as easy as configuring any expression in CimEdit.

  1. Select or create an object to which the point attribute will be applied.

  2. Open the object's Properties dialog box.

  3. Click the Edit Expression button to the right of the Expression field that applies to the object's runtime behavior.

The Edit Expression dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the Point ID and attribute you want to display using the following syntax.



<POINT_ID> is the Point ID of any configured point

<ATTRIBUTE_ID> is one of the configuration attributes described in the point attributes documentation.

 Important: You must enclose the syntax in single quotes, because the '.' character is a special character.

Example: Point Attribute Configuration

  1. Open a Properties dialog box for a text object.

  2. Select Text.

  3. Enter the following.


Enter a default string in the String field.


Enter a '<POINT_ID>.<ATTRIBUTE_ID>' expression in the Expression field.


Tip: Click the Expression Editor button to use the Expression Editor.


Click OK.

Result: The string displays as follows.

In CimEdit

In CimView

Point Attribute


Point Attribute Guidelines

You can force an expression to return a numeric value, if the value is a number but the attribute is listed as returning a character. You use the operator VAL to do this.



Some of the attributes are specific to points of a particular type. Valid point types, which are specified in the attribute list, are:

All (point types)


Derived (Virtual)

Global (Virtual)

All field names and enumerated data are case insensitive.

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