For: CimView only

Displays the primary CimView window in captive state. When the user opens this window, the Explorer shuts down. Other screens are displayed on top of the primary window, and the user will not be able to go below (see anything below) the primary window.

Example for a shortcut

cimview.exe /captive /noexit C:\myproj\scr.cim

Result: When the CimView screen is open:

The user can use Alt+Tab to navigate through all opened CimView Windows.

The Alt+Esc and Ctrl+Esc sequences are disabled.

The Ctrl+Alt+Esc sequence works as normal

You can use any other command line options in conjunction with /captive. In particular, note the following:

Use /alwaysmaximized if you want to display the initial window in the maximized state.

Use /noexit if you do not want users to exit from CimView.

If you do not use /noexit, when a user exits CimView, the Explorer restarts, and any processes in the Startup program group are restarted.

More information

Command Line arguments list.