/LoadScript<file to open>

For: CimEdit and CimView

Enables a common script file to be shared among all screens loaded in CimView. Functions that are included in this common file will be loaded when CimView is first run, and will be callable as if they were included in the Basic code for the local screen.

If the /LoadScript argument is specified for a file after CimView is already running, its contents will be appended to the list of common functions with the lowest precedence.


/LoadScript scriptFileName


scriptFileName is a file specification to specify a common script file.

Important: The /LoadScript command line option, which is a counterpart to the global parameter GSM_GLOBAL_SCRIPT , is an essential command line option for CimEdit if you are going to use it for CimView. This is because you can only configure a call directly in the global scripts if the call is also loaded into CimEdit and, as a result, CimEdit knows what script entry points are available.

More information

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