/geometry [<size>][<position>][<displaysurface>]

For: CimView

Sizes and positions the CimView screen in one or across two monitors when it opens.

The arguments for this command line option are:




Specifies the:


is either a percent of the selected display area or an integer that specifies a fixed value in pixels.


is distance from the left or right and top or bottom edges of the screen.


can cover one or more  monitors.

Entries correspond to parameters available for the GefScreen.PositionWithGeometry method in the CimEdit/CimView object model.


cimview.exe /geometry 50%x60%-0-20%@2W c:\projects\ecimp\screens\airhouse.cim

Opens the airhouse.cim screen in an ecimp project and:

Sizes the screen to be:

50% of the width of monitor 2's working area.

60% of the of the width of monitor 2's working area.

Positions the screen so the:

Right edge of the screen is at the right edge of the monitor's working area

Bottom of the screen is offset from the bottom of the working area of the monitor by 20% of the working height of the monitor.

More information

Command Line arguments list.