Interactive Execution Options

Currently, there are three utilities available in CimEdit that you can access from the command prompt launched from your Configuration Cabinet. These utilities let you:

Convert .asc files to .cim or .cimrt files, or upgrade .cim files from an earlier release.

Display a dialog listing the Point IDs used in the screen file.

Convert .cim files to text file format.

To access any of these utilities on an MMI or Server:

  1. Make sure that CimEdit is not running on your terminal.

  2. Open the project in the Configuration cabinet.

  3. Click Tools on the menu bar.

  4. Select Command Prompt. This ensures that all project pointers are correct.

  5. Enter the command that will start the utility.

If you are on a Viewer, launch the Command Prompt from the Start menu.

You can execute each utility for one file, or a list of files. The command line format is:

cimedit.exe <option> <filename> [<filename> ...]

Command line arguments include:





More information

Command line options.