Step 2. Edit the GMMI_SCREENS Logical Name

 Caution: It is recommended that you keep the GMMI_SCREENS entries in all the Log_Names.cfg files are in sync with each other. Care should be used when editing these files.

When you open either Log_Names.cfg file, you will find two lines that refer to the screen location. These entries should be identical.




GMMI_SCREENS is the CimEdit and CimView screens logical name.

SITE_ROOT:\SCREENS is the default directory for those files. This directory can be changed. In fact, the logical path can actually be a list of directories to be searched, separated by semicolons.

|30| is the maximum length of the logical value. You need to change this if you change the value of the logical.

See the example below.

The default GMMI_SCREENS entry ensures that CimEdit and CimView will always look in the project screens directory.

On a Viewer, Site_Root defaults to Bsm_Root, so if you create a Screens directory in the installation directory of Viewers, they will look there.

 Important: Changes will take affect only after all CIMPLICITY processes on the computer you are configuring are entirely shut down and restarted. The best way to ensure this is to reboot.

Example of an Edited GMMI_SCREENS Logical Name

The following example entry for GMMI_SCREENS will make CimEdit and CimView look

  1. First relative to the current directory,

  2. Then in the project screens directory (or installation screens directory on viewers),

  3. Then in C:\Screens, and

  4. Finally in D:\Screens.

Note that the length was increased to 60 to account for the extra space.



More information

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