ApSeriesTypeEnum (enum)

Specifies the series types.
Description: ApSeriesTypeEnum defines the following types of series available on your XY Plot Control object:
apSeriesStandard - Defines a standard series, which is a line between two data values (connect the dots).
apSeriesStep - Defines an X-based step that flows horizontally, then vertically from one data value to the next.


There are two data values on a series:
Data value 1 is at (X, Y) coordinates (50, 75).
Data value 2 is at (X, Y) coordinates (80, 100).

A step line begins at data value 1 (50, 75).

It displays horizontally from 50 (data value 1's X coordinate) to 80 (data value 2's X coordinate) staying at a height of 75 (data value 1's Y coordinate).

When it reaches 80 (data value 2's X coordinate) it makes a 90 degree angle turn up to 100 (data value 2's Y coordinate).

It ends at data value 2 (80, 100).
apSeriesScatter - Defines a series that has no lines. Markers, when visible, delimiter each data value.