CimGraphControl (object)

Represents a CIMPLICITY HMI XY Plot Control object on a control container.
Description: CimGraphControl is the main dispatch interface for the CIMPLICITY HMI XY Plot Control. The interface defines properties, methods and events available for use through ActiveX automation.

You can access an instance of the control, modify its properties or invoke its methods through scripting in CimView or Visual Basic. To access an instance of the control: in CimView, there is a variable called cimOleObj defined within the control object scripting scope; in VB, there is a property called object within the VB object (e.g. OLE1.object).
Properties: AutoUpdate , BackgroundColor , ChartColor , ForegroundColor , Grid , Legends , Paused , Series , Sliders , Title , UseAmbientBackgroundColor , UseAmbientChartColor , UseAmbientForegroundColor , X , Y
Methods: AboutBox , Properties , RGB , Update
Events: OnLeftButtonDoubleClick