CimLegendColumns.Add (method)

Adds a legend column of a particular type to the collection.
Syntax: Set CimLegendColumn = object.Add ( Type )
Type As ApLegendColumnTypeEnum - Specifies the type of column to add. You can only add apLegendSeriesName, apLegendSeriesValueAtIndex and apLegendSeriesValueAtSlider column types to the series legend. You can only add apLegendSliderName and apLegendSliderValue column types to the slider legend.
Description: CimLegendColumns.Add adds a legend column of the specified type.


The following CimView script excerpt adds a new legend column to the series legend:

Dim Column as CimLegendColumn
Set Column = cimOleObj.Series.Legend.Column.Add(apLegendSeriesValueAtIndex)
Column.Index = 0
Column.ShowX = True