CimLegendColumns.Item (read-only property)

Gets the legend column at a particular index in the collection.
Syntax: Set CimLegendColumn = object.Item ( Index )
Optional Index As long - Specifies the index of the item you desire. It must be a number from 0 to Count - 1.
Description: CimLegendColumns.Item returns the legend column at the location specified by the index argument. If the argument is omitted, the first legend column is returned.


The following CimView script excerpt returns the second column from the series legend:

Dim Column as CimLegendColumn
Set Column = cimOleObj.Series.Legend.Column.Item(1)

Since this is a default property, the previous script can also be written as follows:

Dim Column as CimLegendColumn
Set Column = cimOleObj.Series.Legend.Column(1)