CimLegendRows.Item (read-only property)

Gets the legend row at a particular index in the collection.
Syntax: Set object = object.Item ( Index )
Optional Index As long - Specifies the index of the item you desire. It must be a number from 0 to Count - 1.
Description: CimLegendRows.Item returns the legend row at the location specified by the index argument. If the argument is omitted, the first legend row is returned. The row can be either a series, if in the series legend, or a slider, if in the slider legend.


The following CimView script excerpt returns the second row from the series legend:

Dim Row as CimSeries
Set Row = cimOleObj.Series.Legend.Row.Item(1) Since this is a default property, the previous script can also be written as follows:

Dim Row as CimSeries
Set Row = cimOleObj.Series.Legend.Row(1)