Step 9. Prioritize X or Y-axes

  1. Specify the Order of priority in which the axis will be addressed by the XY Plot. The default is the lowest priority.


The XY Plot has three axes. You add a fourth.

The fourth axis' default order will be 3 (0, 1, 2, 3).

  1. Enter a Name for the axis.

  2. Configure a Title for the axis.

  1. Configure the Font for the Title.

  1. Select Font in the tree under Title.

  2. Either

Click the Font button and configure the font in the Font dialog box. The font you configure will be used.

Set UseAmbientFont to TRUE. The ambient font for the CimEdit screen will be used.

  1. Specify the title content.

  1. Select Value.

  2. Enter the text that you want to display. The default is X Axis under the X and Y Axis under the Y.

  3. Select TRUE for Visible in the tree under Title to display the title. The default is TRUE.

  4. Select TRUE for Visible (in the path under X–Item or Y–Item) to display the axis. The default is True.

More information

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