Resize Series Vectors

CimPairData has a property called Count.

Count allows you to set the number of data values in both the X and Y vectors.

Scripting examples for setting single and array values include:

Example 1. Resize Series Vectors

Series name: Series 1

Purpose: Set the X and Y vector sizes to 500


  1. Open the CimEdit Properties dialog box for the XY Plot control object.

  2. Display the Edit Script tab.

  3. Write the following Basic excerpt within a subroutine.

' Access the series object:

Dim series as CimSeries

Set series = cimOleObj.Series("Series 1")

' Access the pair of vectors:

Dim data as CimPairData

Set data = series.Data

' Resize the vectors:

data.Count = 500

Example 2. Resize Series Vectors (Alternate Method)

You can alternate the following excerpt for the previous one:

' Access objects directly to resize the vectors:

cimOleObj.Series("Series 1").Data.Count = 500

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