Step 5.1. Preview the Printed File

  1. Click File>Print Preview on the CIMPLICITY Language Mapper window menu bar.

A preview of the printed document opens in a Print Preview window.

Note: The preview will display either one or two pages, depending on the display the last time the Print Preview window was closed.

  1.  The Print Preview window is as follows.


Title bar

Displays the translation file that is being previewed.





Print the document.


Next Page

Enabled when there is a next page to display.


Previous Page

Enabled when there is a previous page to display.


One Page/Two Page

One Page displays during a two-page display; two page displays during a one-page display.


Zoom In

Magnifies the preview to make the text legible; has a two-click magnification.


Zoom Out

Returns the preview to display the entire page in the window.



Closes the Print Preview window.


Two-page display in Print Preview window.


Print preview zoomed in; The key displays with the translated strings listed underneath.

  1. Close the window when you have finished using it.

Note: If you need to change the printer setup, e.g. your setup is set to landscape orientation and you want portrait, close the Print Preview window and click File>Print Setup on the CIMPLICITY Language Mapper window menu bar.

The Print Setup dialog box will open for setup changes.

More information

Step 5. Print a translation file configuration.