About CIMPLICITY Language Mapping

CIMPLICITY Language mapping can speed up configuration and offer language and text string options during runtime when you have Alarm Viewers and/or CimView screens that:

Will be viewed in different languages during runtime.

Require only text string modification to be used for different situations.

Tip: CIMPLICITY Language Mapping also provides an efficient method for using the same screen in different locations when it will require different text strings for the same messages, e.g. Call the North Tank supervisor or Call the South Tank Supervisor instead of Call the Tank Supervisor. Text strings for each screen version can be mapped as a different language.

The following steps demonstrate CIMPLICITY language mapping configuration and runtime use.

Step 1

Review alarm messages that are available for translation.

Step 2

Make CimEdit text available for translation.

Step 3

Translate keys into other languages or English strings.

Step 4

Work with keys in the CIMPLICITY Language Mapper.

Step 5

Print a translation file configuration.

Step 6

Configure translation options for runtime.

More information

CIMPLICITY Language Mapper window overview.