Step 3.5. Translate Keys that should Display in Selected Languages

  1. Do one of the following.

Double-click a key.

Click Translations>Translation Editor... on the CIMPLICITY Language Mapper menu bar.

The Translation Editor window opens for the selected key.

Selected languages are available for translation.

  1. Double-click a language.

A Translated Text Editor dialog box opens for the selected language.

  1. Enter the string that you want to display when the text should display in the selected language.


The text may display on a CimEdit/CimView screen or in the Alarm Viewer.

The Text Editor accepts multi-line entries.

  1. Click OK.

  2. Repeat the procedure for all the languages you want to include in the translation.

The translated strings display in the Translation Editor window.

  1. Close the Translation Editor window.

  2. Continue translating all of the strings that should by displayed in multiple languages.

Result: The strings display in the language columns in the CIMPLICITY Language Mapper window. At runtime, when the translation file is used, the string entered for the selected runtime language displays.

More information

Step 3. Translate keys into other languages or other English strings.