CIMLangMap.FileName (property)

Gets the file name the object is associated with.
Syntax: String = object.FileName
object.FileName = String
Description: Gets and sets the file name the object is associated with. This property does not support CIMPLICITY PE logicals so they must be translated before setting this property.


Sub FileName_Example()
    Dim oLangMap As CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap
    Dim oLang As CIMLangMapper.CIMLanguage
    Dim oTranslationGroup As CIMLangMapper.CIMTranslationGroup
    Set oLangMap = CreateObject("CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap")
    Set oLang = oLangMap.AddLanguage("JPN", 1041)
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Wheel bearing")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Bye")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Hello")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Paint Color")
    oLangMap.FileName ="c:\trans.clm"
End Sub
See Also: Save , Load , SaveCopyAs