CIMLangMap (object)

ICIMLangMap Interface
Description: This is the root object of the CIMLangMapper library. This object is used to configure languages and translation groups, save and load the translation configuration, perform translation, and provide access to the collections of languages and translation groups. Any changes to this object will not be persisted until the save method is called. Key strings in this object model are case sensitive. So "Hello" is different than "hello". Strings used to identify languages are not case sensitive. So "ENU" is the same language as "enu".


Sub CIMLangMap_Example()
    Dim oLangMap As CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap
    Set oLangMap = CreateObject("CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap")
    oLangMap.Load "c:\trans.clm"
    oLangMap.CurrentLanguage ="JPN"
    MsgBox "The translation of Hello is: " & oLangMap.Translate("Hello")
End Sub
Properties: CurrentLanguage , CurrentLocaleID , FileName , Languages , TranslationGroups
Methods: AddLanguage , AddTranslationGroup , Load , LookupTranslationGroup , Save , SaveCopyAs , Translate