CIMLanguages.Count (read-only property)

Gets the number of CIMLanguage objects in the collection.
Syntax: long = object.Count
Description: Gets the number of CIMLanguage object in this collection.


Sub LanguagesCount_Example()
    Dim oLangMap As CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap
    Dim oLangs As CIMLangMapper.CIMLanguages
    Dim oLang As CIMLangMapper.CIMLanguage
    Dim Index As Long
    Set oLangMap = CreateObject("CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap")
    oLangMap.Load "c:\trans.clm"
    Set oLangs = oLangMap.Languages
    For Index = 0 to oLangs.Count - 1
      Set oLang = oLangs.Item(Index)
      MsgBox oLang.Name
    Next Index
End Sub