CIMTranslation (object)

ICIMTranslation Interface
Description: This object represents the translation of a key for a specific language.


Sub Translation_Example()
    Dim oLangMap As CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap
    Dim oTranslationGroup As CIMLangMapper.CIMTranslationGroup
    Dim oTranslation As CIMLangMapper.CIMTranslation
    Set oLangMap = CreateObject("CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap")
    oLangMap.Load "c:\trans.clm"
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.LookupTranslationGroup("Wheel bearing")
    if Not oTranslationGroup Is Nothing Then
      For Each oTranslation In oTranslationGroup.Translations
        MsgBox oTranslation.Value
        MsgBox oTranslation.Language.Name
      Next oTranslation
    End If
End Sub
See Also: CIMTranslationGroup.Translations
Properties: Group , Language , Parent , Value