CIMTranslationGroups (object)

ICIMTranslationGroups Interface
Description: This object is a collection of CIMTranslationGroup objects. They are mapped by the Key property if the CIMTranslationGroup object. This collection is not an array so if you need to iterate over the whole collection using a For Each Group In Groups loop will be more efficient than using the Item property with an index.


Sub CIMTranslationGroups_Example()
    Dim oLangMap As CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap
    Dim oTranslationGroup As CIMLangMapper.CIMTranslationGroup
    Dim oTranslationGroups As CIMLangMapper.CIMTranslationGroups
    Set oLangMap = CreateObject("CIMLangMapper.CIMLangMap")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Wheel bearing")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Bye")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Hello")
    Set oTranslationGroup = oLangMap.AddTranslationGroup("Paint Color")
    Set oTranslationGroups = oLangMap.TranslationGroups
    For Each oTranslationGroup In oTranslationGroups
      MsgBox oTranslationGroup.Key
    Next oTranslationGroup
End Sub
See Also: CIMTranslationGroup.Key
Properties: Count , Item , Parent
Methods: AddTranslationGroup , RemoveGroup