Runtime Login Procedure

A user will be asked to login to any of the following applications when it is the first time that an application is opened during a runtime session. Once the user is logged into that session access is available to all of the runtime features for which the user role has privileges.


Runtime Application

Dialog Box Displays when a user:


Tries to open a CimView screen that contains points.

Alarm Viewer (stand alone)

Clicks Login! on the Alarm Viewer menu bar.

Alarm Viewer (OCX Control)

Tries to open an Alarm Viewer CimView screen.

Alarm Sound Manager

Tries to add a project.

Point Control Panel

Tries to add points.

Show users

Tries to open a project.

Process Control

Tries to connect to a project.


Tries to open the window.


Tries to open the window.

Note: Login for CIMPLICITY remote access, such as WebView and Terminal Services depends on the system administrator's configuration.

More information

About CIMPLICITY runtime login.