Step 2.2. Define the Extended Menu Nodes

Parameters for any node in the extended menu are based on what action type is selected for that node.

The values selected or entered are influenced by the object's position in the hierarchy.

Important: Based on a Microsoft Windows limitation,  the maximum number of levels in a cascading menu is 24.

The action types are:

No action

Overlay action type

Script action

No action type

The parameters for the No action type are available for all action types.

The No action type is primarily used as a continue node for child screens; the following occurs when the No Action menu item is selected.

If no child has been previously selected during the CimView session, the screen for the first child in the configuration will open.

If the node's path has been used, the child screen that was opened last, will open.

Note: During runtime, the menu button will not display until a child as added.

Parameters for the No action and all action types are as follows.

Option 2.2.1

Select the navigation button's foreground/background colors/

Option 2.2.2

Add a confirmation message to the navigation button.

Option 2.2.3

Define and inherit permissions in the navigation hierarchy.

Option 2.2.4

Define and inherit variables in the navigation hierarchy.

Option 2.2.5

Identify a project name to qualify points.

Option 2.2.6

Add additional text for a CimView navigation button.

Option 2.2.7

Add a description for a selected node.

Overlay action type

An Overlay action type menu item

Opens a screen.

Is the default action type.

Option 2.2.8

Specify a title for the node's CimView screen.

Option 2.2.9

(Overlay) Enter a screen name.

Script action type

A Script action type provides a navigation button and menu item that, when clicked during runtime, triggers an assigned script.

Important: A navigation button with a script action type cannot have children.

Option 2.2.10

(Script) Specify a script entry point.

Option 2.2.11

(Script) Add arguments.

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Step 2. Configure the extended menu.