Adding a Distribution List

Creating a new distribution list:

  1. Click the Distribution Lists tab from the Pager Configuration screen or select Distribution Lists from the View menu.

The following screen is displayed:

Distribution Lists

  1. Click New button on the toolbar or select New Entry from the File menu.

You will be prompted to enter in the Distribution List name.

New Distribution List


  1. Click OK. The following screen will be displayed:

Creating a Distribution List

The new distribution list will be listed in the Distribution list drop down box.

  1. Add or remove pagers to/from the distribution list by using the Add or Remove buttons.


Distribution lists are local to each project.


When adding a distribution list as a recipient to a pager entry, all distribution lists created in CIMPager display with @ in front of them and all those created in FirstPAGE Administrator will display with $ in front of them.

More information

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