CIMPager Features

Deferred/Scheduled Messaging

Support for Additional Modules:

FirstPAGE Web Client: A software bundle that contains Web Client

Web Client enables a user to send messages from anywhere to almost any wireless device. Whether you are using pagers, digital cellular phones/PCS phones, or hand-helds; virtually any device with wireless messaging capabilities is within reach from your browser.

Pager Administration System: A centralized client/server pager management system. This module allows you to setup and configure your pagers in a one spot. No more having to setup your pagers in FirstPAGE Server and then in your Zetron Paging Terminal.

Included Shift Scheduler

FirstPAGE Administrator to control the paging system and maintain the Provider and Pager databases

Support for pager ids greater than 9 digits

Import/Export pager configuration to and from a CSV file.

Escalation Parameters are now configured in seconds rather than minutes.

Allow sending of pages to a distribution list (see example doc\distribution.bcl)

FirstPAGE Client allows users to configure their own distribution lists

Pager Administrator allows users to add private users to the user’s list. Private users cannot be seen in FirstPAGE Client but are available to send alarms to.

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