Once your project is upgraded it will not be usable on an older version of pager. Therefore we recommend backing up your projects and pager database before applying this update.

  1. Stop all CIMPLICITY Projects.

  2. Backup CIMPLICITY\HMI\PAGER directory.

  3. Backup any CIMPLICITY projects.

  4. Run appropriate installation package.

  5. Copy all data files to the new Pager directory: GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Pager\Data

  6. From Windows Control Panel, Services, stop FirstPAGE Server Service and set Startup to Disabled.

  7. Reboot computer.

  8. From the Start\Programs\Proficy HMI Scada – CIMPLICITY version\Pager, run the Database Conversion to convert FirstPAGE Server V7 files to the new FirstPAGE V8 format.

  9. Set FirstPAGE Server Service Startup to Automatic.

  10. Start FirstPAGE Server Service.

  11. Startup CIMPLICITY.

  12. Restart CIMPLICITY Projects.

  13. Test CIMPager operation.

More information

    About CIMPager.