Getting Started

This manual contains procedural and conceptual information about CIMPager. It was written to help administrators install and maintain CIMPager and also to provide them with a general knowledge of how the product works.

While it is not required that the user have any prior programming or wireless communications experience, the user should understand basic Windows concepts. The CIMPager application is used to maintain alarm entries and distribution lists. For more information about CIMPager, see Chapter 5: Using CIMPager.

While this guide exists primarily as a user guide, it also contains detailed information regarding the installation of CIMPager. The installation section takes you through installation procedures, setup instructions and general requirements. For

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Using CIMPager
Installing CIMPager
About CIMPager
about software installation and setup, see Chapter 2: Installing CIMPager.
The terminology used in this manual is defined in the glossary at the end of this manual.
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