Local Server Installation

The Local Server installation is for sites that only have 1 server running CIMPLICITY. If this is the case, the CIMPLICITY server can also act as the paging server which will require access to a commercial paging service provider and/or an in-house paging terminal. There are various connection methods including modem, Internet (SNPP), and direct connection (serial).


To install the Local Server version select the "Pager" option from the CIMPLICITY main installation, then choose the "CIMPager – Server" install with Local FirstPAGE Server when prompted. After everything is installed, it is best to configure your paging server first (i.e. add your pagers), then configure CIMPager. Detailed instructions on how to configure your FirstPAGE Paging Server can be found in the "FirstPAGE Administrator User Guide".

More information

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