Starting CIMPager

After the Administrator has been configured with device, provider and destination details you may now start to configure alarms in CIMPager .

  1. Open the CIMPLICITY Workbench.

  2. Expand Project>Alarms in the Workbench left-pane.

  3. Select Alarm Paging.

  4. Do any of the following.

Double-click Alarm Paging in the Workbench right-pane.

Right-click Alarm Paging in the Workbench right-pane; select Properties on the Popup menu.

Select Alarm Paging in the Workbench right-pane; press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.

After you confirm the correct location of your FirstPAGE Server and Port, the NETCON_ALARMTESTER CIMPLICITY Pager - Configuration dialog box opens.

CIMPager - Configuration


See your FirstPAGE Server Installation and Usage Guide for information on configuring your Administrator details. These details must be completed before proceeding to the configuration of CIMPager.

More information

    About CIMPager.