Upgrading the Database

The CIMPager Server comes equipped with a database converter that allows the administrator to upgrade a database if they are running an older version of CIMPager Server.

If upgrading from a previous version of CIMPager Server, the administrator and server databases must both be converted to run with the new version.

  1. Run the Convert option:

  2. From the Start menu, select ProgramsFirstPAGEServerDatabase Conversion. This will launch the Conversion Wizard.

Database Conversion Wizard

  1. Be sure to stop the FirstPAGE Server service via Control Panel before running the database conversion.

  2. Select the correct time zone that each destination will use, then click Next.

Database Conversion Wizard

  1. For users who are running versions prior to Version 8, the Converter Wizard will run this upgrade first, converting .DAT files to .MDB (Access Database). For Version 8 users, the Wizard will indicate source data path is invalid, as Version 8 does not utilize .DAT files. Selecting Close on this screen will launch the conversion for Access Database upgrade.

Database Conversion Wizard

  1. The Conversion Wizard will display a summary of changes that will be made to your FirstPAGE Server database, including the current version that is running and the target database.

Database Conversion Wizard

  1. Click Start to run the converter. Conversion results will then be displayed.

Database Conversion Wizard

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