CoCimSafeArray5.SetObjectProperty (method)

Sets a named property of another COM object with the internal array of this object.
Syntax: object.SetObjectProperty Object, PropertyName
Object As object -
PropertyName As String -
Description: The passed COM object must implement IDispatch for this method to work. If the contained array only has one dimensions and one element the type library of the passed object will be queried to determine if the named property is an array type. If it is not an array the property is set with the value of the only element in the array. In all other cases the property is set with the array.


Private cimOleObj As CimGraphLib.DCimGraph
Sub OnSmartObject()
  cimOleObj.Series.Add "Plot1", apSeriesStandard
  Dim arX As CoCimSafeArray5
  Dim arY As CoCimSafeArray5
  Set arX = CreateObject("CIMPLICITY.CimSafeArray.5")
  Set arY = CreateObject("CIMPLICITY.CimSafeArray.5")
  arX.CreateVector cimVDouble, 0 , 100
  arY.CreateVector cimVDouble, 0 , 100
  Dim i As Integer
  For i = 0 To 99
    arY.SetVectorElement i, sin(i/10) * 10 + 10
    arX.SetVectorElement i, i
  Next i
  Dim sdatax As Object
  Dim sdatay As Object
  Set sdatax = cimOleObj.Series("Plot1").Data.X
  Set sdatay = cimOleObj.Series("Plot1").Data.Y
  arY.SetObjectProperty sdatay, "Value"
  arX.SetObjectProperty sdatax, "Value"
End Sub
See Also: SetObjectProperty , CallObjectMethod , GetObjectPropertyEx , SetObjectPropertyEx