CimActionList (object)

Contains the properties of a CimActionList Object.
Description: CimActionList is an enumeration of CimAction objects. The CimActionList is returned from the CimProject.Actions property. Existing actions can be retrieved and modified and new actions can be added to the CimActionList object.


' Attach to project
Dim project As CimProject
Set project = CreateObject("CimProject")
project.OpenLocalProject "c:\myproject\myproject.gef"
project.dynamicMode = False

Dim actionList As CimActionList
Set actionList = project.Actions
' Create a new global action
Dim action1 As Cimaction
Set action1 = CreateObject("Cimaction")
action1.ID = "NEW_ACTION"
action1.Type = CimSetPoint
action1.PointID = "AAA"
action1.PointValue = "4325"
' Add action to action list
actionList.Add action1
' Retrieve action from action list
Dim action2 As Cimaction
Set action2 = actionList.Item("NEW_ACTION")
action2.Type = CimRunScript
action2.ScriptName = "em_init.bcl"
' Modify action in the action list
actionList.Modify action2
' Delete action from the action list
actionList.Delete "NEW_ACTION"
' Enumerate through each action in the action list
For Each action1 In actionList
    MsgBox "action Id =" & action1.ID
Next action1
Properties: Count , Item
Methods: Add , Delete , Modify