CimClassDataItemList (object)

Contains the properties of a CimClassDataItemList Object.
Description: CimClassDataItemList is an enumeration of CimPoint objects that represent the data items associated with this class. The CimClassDataItemExpressionList is returned from the CimClassInstance.DataItems property.


Dim class as CimClassInstance
Dim dataItemList as CimClassDataItemList
Dim dataItem as CimPoint
Set dataItemList = class.DataItems
Set dataItem = dataItemList.Add("VIRTUAL_POINT", "INT")
dataItem.ResourceID = "$SYSTEM"
dataItem.Type = cimGlobal
dataItem.DerivedPoint.InitState = cimInitialized
dataItem.DerivedPoint.InitValue = "1"
dataItem.PointAlarm.AlarmConfigured = False

Set expressionList = dataItem.Expressions
Set expression = expressionList.Add("$LEVEL")
expression.FirstOperandString = "INT_ATTRIBUTE"
expression.Operator = cimExpressionPlus
expression.SecondOperandNum = 2.2

Set dataItem1 = dataItemList.Add("DEVICE_POINT", "INT")
dataItem1.ResourceID = "$SYSTEM"
dataItem1.Type = cimDevice
dataItem1.DevicePoint.DeviceId = "C_9030"
dataItem1.DevicePoint.Address = "%R1000"
dataItem1.PointAlarm.AlarmConfigured = False

Properties: Count , Item
Methods: Add , Delete