CimDatabase.GetTimeStampFilter (method)

Retrieves the time stamp filtering parameters.
Syntax: object.GetTimeStampFilter pbEnabled, pnValue, peUnits, pbType
pbEnabled As VARIANT_BOOL* - Boolean flag variable to retrieve whether time stamp filtering is enabled
pnValue As LONG* - LONG variable to retrieve time stamp filter value
peUnits As CimTimeUnitEnum* - CimTimeUnitEnum enum variable to retrieve time stamp filter units
pbType As CimDbTimestampFilterTypesEnum* - CimDbTimestampFilterTypesEnum enum variable to retrieve time stamp filter type
Description: The CimDatabase.GetTimeStampFilter method allows you to retrieve the time stamp filtering parameters on the CimDatabase object.


Dim oDb As CimDatabase
Dim fEnabled as Boolean
Dim nValue as Long
Dim eUnits as CimTimeUnitEnum
Dim eType as CimDbTimestampFilterTypesEnum
Call oDb.GetTimeStampFilter(fEnabled, nValue, eUnits, eType)