CimEngineeringUnits.EuExpression (property)

Gets and sets the forward (raw to EU) custom conversion equation.
Syntax: String = object.EuExpression
object.EuExpression = String
Description: CimEngineeringUnits.EuExpression is a string containing the equation used to convert the value from device units to engineering units. To use a custom expression you must first disable the linear conversion for the object. If the point is not read-only a reverse expression must be specified to allow a setpoint in engineering units to be translated back to device units. It is your responsibility to make sure these expressions yield the correct results.


point.EngineeringUnits.LinearConversion = False
point.EngineeringUnits.EuExpression = "%P^2"
point.EngineeringUnits.EuRevExp = "SQR(%P)"

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