CimEventActionList (object)

Contains the properties of a CimEventActionList Object.
Description: CimEventActionList is an enumeration of CimEventAction objects. The CimEventActionList is returned from the CimProject.EventActions property. Existing event-actions can be retrieved and modified and new event-action associations can be added to the CimEventActionList object.


' Attach to project
Dim project As CimProject
Set project = CreateObject("CimProject")
project.OpenLocalProject "c:\myproject\myproject.gef"
project.dynamicMode = False

' Add event to event list
Dim eventList as CimEventList
set eventList = project.Events
Dim event As CimEvent
Set event = CreateObject("CimEvent")
event.ID = "NEW_EVENT"
eventList.Add event
' Add action to action list
Dim actionList as CimActionList
set actionList = project.actions
Dim action As Cimaction
Set action = CreateObject("Cimaction")
action.ID = "NEW_ACTION"
actionList.Add action
Dim eventActionList As CimEventActionList
Set eventActionList = project.EventActions
Dim eventAction As CimEventAction
Set eventAction = CreateObject("CimEventAction")
eventAction.EventID = "NEW_EVENT"
eventAction.ActionID = "NEW_ACTION"
eventAction.LogFlag = False
eventAction.ActionOrder = 2
eventActionList.Add eventAction
' Enumerate through each event-action association in the list
For Each eventAction In eventActionList
MsgBox "EventId =" & eventAction.eventID & " ActionID=" & eventAction.ActionID
Next eventAction
Properties: Count
Methods: Add , Delete , Item , Modify